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My thoughts on Etude House I Need You Mask Sheet

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I did a Korean makeup and skincare haul not too long ago and one of the things that I bought is the Etude House I Need You Mask Sheets.

There is a wide array of masks to choose from depending on your needs. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to the needs of your skin. The Etude House that is near my place did not carry the complete line. I just grabbed the letters that I like most, so I picked up S and T without thinking too much.

Etude House I Need You Mask Sheets

S is Shea Butter good for nourishing the skin. T is Tea Tree to sooth sensitive and troubled skin.

Each mask cost 58 php. The mask itself is very moist. Both the masks have a nice smell but I prefer the smell of shea butter. The smell is very relaxing.

I followed the directions on how to use the mask.

Etude House Face Mask Sheets

Here’s what I did.

After cleansing and toning I place the mask and waited for 15 minutes before removing it.

After removing the mask sheet, you will notice that there is an excess film that is left behind. You can massage it all over the face but I opt to just let it dry as it is just a very thin film to begin with.

Etude House Mask Sheet

The first impression on the mask is that it did not do anything on my skin. No drastic change can be seen after trying the shea butter while the tea tree mask made may skin look clear and glowing the day after. That’s according to my husband.  I don’t have a favorite between the two, shea butter smells so good and tea tree does the job.

It feels luxurious to have a mask on. And at a very affordable price I will repurchase it and use it once a week to feel relaxed.

It feels so good to have a mask sheet on especially now that it is raining.


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