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Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion

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I’m looking for products that are inexpensive and does the job in making my curly hair presentable. It is hard to find affordable hair products for my kind of hair.

When I went to the hair section at a department store I picked up the cheapest product that I saw on the shelf.

Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion

 Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion costs 99 php for 100 ml. It is made in the Philippines. Cheers to local products.

The packaging is simple but the one thing that pissed me off is the large rim that makes the product dispense in large quantity. You cannot control how much product will come out and it is very messy for first time users.

The product has a thick consistency, so a little goes a long way. The smell is bearable but for those who are sensitive to smell you might not want this on your hair as the smell is a little strong and you can all day.

Monea Curl Defining Milk

A palm size amount is just right for my long and thick hair.

What I do is after washing my hair, I squeeze out the excess water and finger comb it. I then apply the Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion evenly starting from the ends of my hair going upwards avoiding the roots, because it tends to weigh down the hair. 

I don’t scrunch my hair because it made my hair curlier than it already is.

curly hair 2014

Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion tamed my frizzy hair. I’m happy with the result that I’m getting every time I use it. Just make sure to use the right amount because it tends to make the hair greasy and weigh it down. I suggest experimenting the amount to use to know what consistency best suits your hair.

I consider this as my holy grail product and will keep on purchasing it. Currently, I’m on my fifth bottle.

So what’s your holy grail hair product?


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