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My thoughts on Abonne Spa Yogurt Salt

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Once in a while I want to pamper my skin.

Scrubbing is one way of pampering. It will make the skin smooth and free from gunk or should I say dead skin.

Abonne Spa Yogurt Salt is what caught my attention when I went to the drugstore. Why?

Abonne Spa Yogurt Salt Scrub Review

Well, apparently this scrub only costs 76 php. It is very affordable. Also, look at the packaging. Isn’t it nice? Abonne Spa Yogurt Salt claims to whiten and make the skin smooth and baby like. The salt scrub typically looks like an iodized salt just a little smoother. It also has a minty and milky smell.

abonne spa yogurt scrub

I tried it and here is what I can say about this scrub and how to use it.

What I do is I soap my body first and gently apply the scrub in a circular motion. I just use my hands and did not bother on using a wash cloth.  I can really feel and see that it is sloughing off all the dead skin that I took the time to accumulate. I did not take any picture of it as it is gross to look at. Then I waited for two to three minutes and wash it all off.  I noticed that if I let it stayed for more than three minutes it starting to feel tingly. My skin feels so smooth afterwards.

Make sure to really wash your body to remove all the scrub because it leaves a white mark on your body. It happened to me on my leg. Don’t forget to apply lotion as you need moisture back in your body after the scrub. I tried not using any lotion and my skin became very scaly.

I got ten uses out of the 350 g. I scrubbed it all over my body every other day. However, I did not notice any whitening effect after finishing the product.

If you want a nice and affordable scrub I say go for it gets the job done. Maybe if I use it long enough I can see some whitening effect.



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