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Curly hair

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Hey there.

I want to share the most memorable thing that happened to me beauty wise as my first post.

It is about my curly hair. Read on to know my story.

My Curly Hair Story

Having a curly hair is not a walk in the park. With the name calling and the criticizing that you will hear is not fun at all. I struggled having curls. I don’t know how to style and tame them. Back in the day, all I know, having straight hair is beautiful. I’ve never seen curly haired models in shampoo commercials. Ever.

I had my hair relaxed, straightened and rebonded. These chemical treatments only lasted a maximum of three months.  The after effect is so bad that your crown is curly while the tips are pin straight. Also, there is a lot of hair fall. Because of the horrible outcome of some of my hair straightening adventures I decided to just leave my hair alone.

Let me tell you my transition phase experience.

July 2011

The first year for me is the most awkward state that my hair has been to. This is also the most difficult phase because you really need to restrain yourself from backing out. I just usually tie it or have it in a bun to hide the awfulness. Hair pins are also my savior to make my hair sleek and not all over the place. A fourth of my hair is curly and the rest is straight. I hated this stage.

The second year is seeing the light. Unfortunately i don’t have a picture to show you. My hair is growing. I can leave it down if it is well behaved and not look that awful. This time I’m searching for hair products, blogs and videos on how to style, care and treat curls.  I can genuinely say that I’m happy with the decision that I made.  I even had it colored. By the way lighter hair colors look great on curls.  

curly hair 2014

July 2014

This is my third year. All my hair is now curly. It is still not on its best self but I’m happy that I decided to embrace my curls. Hey, not all girls are born with it. I am a selected few or should I say I am only a few who now has the courage to embrace it even if people cannot help but stare at my wild locks. I still have hair fall. It is still frizzy because of our humid weather.  It is not yet easy to style as I’m still looking for products that I can say is my holy grail.

Now, why do I think this is the most memorable thing that happened to me? Well, because by embracing and accepting what God has given me I can say that it changed my perspective in life. You cannot have it all but what you have works best for you. People say that I look good with curly hair rather than the rebonded hair. By accepting what we have we can see more beauty in ourselves and in others and not the usual thinking of fitting in. 

It’s definitely worth the wait and worth remembering.

Share your hair story. I want to know.


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